We are entering the final months of the Mellon grant-funded Lesbian Elders Oral Herstory Project. We are so thankful to those who have already participated and look forward to including more voices, especially those that can bring a diversity of perspective to reflect upon the lesbian community at large. In particular, we encourage Lesbian Elders of Color to participate. We have two more informational sessions scheduled- Sunday October 16th at Noon EST and Wednesday October 19th at 6PM EST. 

We have continued to add more herstories to this website and have many more that will be posted.  We invite you to watch and listen to the Lesbian Elders who have shared their stories with the community.

Additionally, in order to include those Elders who may prefer an alternative method to share their story beyond the traditional oral history format, we are expanding the opportunity to participate by collecting images or short submissions from Lesbian Elders. Please see the Digital Submissions section of this website.

We look forward to hearing your stories however you choose to share!

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