Lesbian Elders Oral Herstory Project

We are proud to announce an engaging new project at the Lesbian Herstory Archives! For nearly 50 years, LHA has thrived as a grassroots community archive upheld by a diverse, multi-generational team of volunteers and supporters from the LGBTQ community. This high level of activity is evidence of a vibrant community, as well as the strength of our founding principles.

In this spirit, we are focused on enhancing our collection and connecting Lesbian activism to its broad community base. Supported by a two-year Mellon Grant, we are creating The Lesbian Elders Oral Herstory Project which seeks to continue the Archives’ commitment to collecting and sharing Lesbian stories.  These oral histories of Lesbian Elders will offer experiential insight into the history of Lesbian culture and activism, complementing LHA’s already rich collection. For a unifying theme we would like if you could share your experiences with LHA as part of your life history. For the purposes of this project, Elders includes those ages 60 and up. The oral history interviews will be posted on this website or will be available on-site only at the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Join the project here or for more information please visit the FAQ page.

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