Oral Herstory Interviews—Posted!

As we are coming to the end of the first year of this project we are happy to share on our Herstories page some of the amazing oral herstory interviews that have been collected so far. These interviews are just the beginning of what we hope will be a large, rich archive of stories. Please join us in listening and learning!

We would once again like to thank the interviewees for giving their time and stories, as well as the interviewers for their work in providing a space for the interviewees to share.

We would also like to thank those volunteers who have enthusiastically joined in the informational sessions and whose participation helped start the story sharing process. We look forward to convening with more folks as we continue listening to, learning from, and documenting lesbian stories in the second year of this project.

Happy New Year—here’s to a Herstory-filled 2022!

In sisterhood,

The LEOHP Team: Julia, Minda, and Nora

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